The ear, nose and throat medicine are since 1993, an integral part of medical care im Girardet Haus in Essen-Rüttenscheid.
From an initially strictly operational department, has now formed into a modern establishment in the entire outpatient department and is now offering diagnosis and treatment.

At the private clinic ENT doctors to general consultations offer now appointments.
And off course, besides the usual diseases of the ear, nose and throat, the special disorder such as Snoring, smell and taste disorders, hearing disorders , allergies , dizziness , etc. are still studied.

The Community

The combination of specialists leads to a broad but nevertheless in particular judgmental safe treatment.
The subject of the ear, nose and throat medicine is not only a very broad approach field, but also a tray with many intersections with other areas.
Through intensive collaboration with colleagues from other fields a quick and multidisciplinary diagnosis can be guaranteed.
The affiliated radiology department guarantees you with their high-tech equipment and at any time a comprehensive diagnostic.

With this concept we achieve a rapid time-saving, and targeted medicine under the service aspect .
Another focus of the department are the operations department .

This has put on special value that each subject area only a doctor is responsible for your care during treatment or hospitalization .
This system has proven itself to guarantee a continuity in treatment , education , surgery and treatment and to avoid miscommunication.
The doctors have many years of experience and specialize in certain operations in order to achieve a high level of safety during treatments.

This also counts for the aesthetic plastic and cosmetic surgeries teams.



HNO im Girardet


Here you find our current practice video that gives you a first impression of our clinic.