Snoring therapy


What is snoring ?  
Snoring sounds disturb not only the bedroom partner but can be signs of serious health problem .Snoring is initially characterized by loud breathing noises of the upper airway during sleep.

What treatment options are there?

In addition to the wide variety of general measures , there are various surgical methods to improve nasal breathing and to increase the voltage of the soft palate.

  1. Correction of the nasal septum and / or reduction of the turbinates

  2. 2 Stiffening of the soft palate and the uvula reduction

  3. Extension of the palatal arch and shortening of the uvula

    If there is evidence snoring with breathing disorder , a diagnosis should be done in a so-called sleep laboratory.

What is Coblation ?

Coblation ® is an innovative technology that removes quickly and effectively soft tissue using radiofrequency energy and saline. Coblation ® is not a thermal process , meaning, the surrounding healthy tissue is spared and there is a light, fast healing.
The patented Coblation ® technology has been successfully applied in more than two million procedures by ENT specialists as well as specialists from other art, such as arthroscopy and spine surgery.

How is surgery performed with the Coblation technology?

There are various methods to stiffen the soft palate ‘’the uvula’’ to shorten or reduce the turbinate’s . These methods are either mechanically (for example, with a special scissors ) or thermally , ie with heat ( such as laser).

And now a method has been established

The Snore - operation with the Coblation technology is a medical innovation that frees you fast, effective and is ongoing by the snoring.
In the artificial mucosa scar tissue is generated , which lead to a tightening of the tissue .
This operation generally lasts 15 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia.
First, you will be sprayed with a local anesthetic into your throat.

After a short waiting time, a further anesthesia palate takes place by an injection of a medicament . The doctor then performs a needle-shaped instrument , inter alia, and Enables from Corresponding positioning of the probe, the Coblation for about 10 to 15 seconds to tighten the tissue in the palate.

Depending on your diagnosis , your doctor will apply a particular method. The intervention is largely painless and bloodless.

Why is the " Snore - operation " with the Cablation technique the better method of choice?

Both patients and the treating physicians report compared to previously conducted surgical techniques on an overall better course after surgery with Coblation technology.



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