Conservative therapy


In medicine we mean by conservative therapy, the treatment of a condition with the help of medical treatment (s) and / or physical measures.
In most medical disciplines are both conservative and surgical therapies are available (eg in orthopedics at the herniated disc, in internal medicine in coronary sclerosis, etc.) for various diseases.

The selection of the appropriate therapy is done in such cases, among others, depending on the severity of a finding and the medical history of the patients affected by mutual agreement between the therapist and the patient treated.

Especially in oncology often include both conservative (in this case, chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy) as well as the surgical treatment time in a coordinated framework.
Commonly known, the term conservative therapy often in terms of "evidence-based medicine" ("medicine") is used, in contrast to the naturopathic therapy.

However, the Naturopathy ultimately represents a portion of the conservative therapy and has gained in evidence-based medicine in recent years increasingly important.

Overview of conservative treatments

  • Hearing tests

  • Hearing screening for infants and young children

  • Dizziness diagnosis

  • Allergy diagnosis

  • Ultrasound diagnosis

  • Smell and taste tests

  • Voice Diagnostics

  • Snoring diagnosis

  • Immunization and vaccination advice

  • Immunotherapy

  • Infusion Therapy

  • Spine discomfort

  • Acupuncture



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